Here are some tools that PC users could use:

  • To tune up your computer:If you are using Windows Xp/ Vista here are Two main steps you should do every few monts –
    1. Go to My Computer;
    2. Right click C OR your System drive ->
    3. Select Properties ->
    4. Select Tools tab ->

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  • What brands to avoid while purchasing a Laptop, Notebook and Netbook [NOT towers or desktops]: Based on my years of experience on computer hardware, troubleshooting and repair, I have shortlisted certain brands in portable computers, which I will never recommend to my customers and friends. This list is purely derived from my repetitive bad experience in hardware quality with certain brands, when compared with most common brands. Brands that are not listed here are those that are not so common/ famous and hense I do not ahve a good expernce in them to judge them. So the winners of Masky’s DO NOT BUY list are:
    1. Gateway [all models]
    2. Hp [the only thing they make good are Printers]

Apple products are the best, hands down. [both in design and hardware quality] And now that they have x86 form factor CPU, you can load a Win based OS on a Mac. Amazing, isn’t it? However, if you want to spend a little less [say a grand] and want to buy a good Laptop, then go for an IBM ThinkPad. Yet, for a little cheaper, home use type laptop – choose between Dell Latitude, Toshiba, Acer and Sony.

For smaller portable Notebooks, Sony rules the market with reliable stuff. For Netbooks, although a lot of manufactures are now churning out Netbooks in fast pace, I like the built quality of Lenovo Netbooks. But I must confess that I have not yet tested different brands of Netbooks myself, since they are a recent phenomenon. Chromebooks are also an option for light weight, social media experience or entertainment. They typically have smaller built in SSD storage, and light weight processing power.

Spyware Infection? Rules to keep your computer Virus and Spy Ware free.

    • Do not install unnecessary software on your computer. Especially the one you get for free from the internet and promise to give you some screen savers, or the current weather and temperature.
    • Regularly use anti Spy Ware and anti Virus software to keep your Computer clean.
    • Keep your anti Spy Ware and anti Virus software updated.
    • If you are using MySpace or Facebook, which most people these days do, then for the love of eletronics, DO NOT add a ton of applications to your profile. A bad one that I have identified and reported is called Social Me on Facebook. [My reporting went in vain since Facebook told me to contact the app. development team on Social Me] This application is used by thousands of poeple on facebook, and it infects your PC with a Trojan Virus. This virus then gains control of your root, redirects web pages and spreds itself through portable drives. It’s a nasty little bi***. Since these 3rd party apps are not conrtolled by Facebook or Myspace, a lot of them are exploited by hackers and Scare Ware and are used to spread Key Loggers, Virus and Trojans.
    • Recently Google announced that they will be reporting infected PCs, based on their knowledge (when an infected PC performs a search on Google) on the Google search screen of the infected PC. Google had reported that millions of PCs were infected and they had accidentally found this out, when they were doing maintenance on their servers. Read more here on BBC>
    • Even after being careful, it is very easy to get infected. Scare Ware and Keyloggers are spread easily via free, unmonitored applications on social media like Facebook. So what is a Jack to do? Well, there are lots of things one can do:
    • Keep your Operating System updated.
    • Use safer browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome – without installing bunch of apps on them.
    • Use professional software that can help you keep the nasty bugs at bay. I will recommend Symantec Endpoint protection or Trend Micro for regular users and AVG or AVAST for people with IT background who want a low footprint software.
    • Change your email ID passwords frequently and use a strong alpha-numeric password. If you PC is compromised and your friends are complaining that your email ID is sending SPAM, changing passwords frequently will help you, of course you will need to clean it using professional software like I mentioned above – Trend Micro’s new Cloud Computing Security, AVG, Avast, Symantec Endpoint Protection.
  • If you get infected after all, I have the hassle free solution for you, just bring it in 🙂
  • Here are some of the anti Spy Ware and Anti Virus software that I recommend.

    • Trend Micro’s new Cloud Computing Security
    • Ad-Aware Total Security by Lavasoft
    • Spy Bot Search and destroy by PepiMK Software
    • AVG Free or Pro
    • Avast Free or Pro