Mann mein Ram basale

This simple song/ prayer drenches my soul for love of Lord Ram Chandra – by Jagjit Singh.

I have read in Gita that God reciprocates your love in same way that you approach him. If you see God as your father, he will love you like his son, if you love God like a friend, he will love you like your best friend.. and here in this video, we see the little girl loving God like he was her brother and so he loves her and protects her like she was his little sister.

The video also teaches us another simple aspect of God and devotee relationship. To be able to summon God, one must have a heart as pure as a child’s and call God with all our heart. And lovin your Lord with all your heart is one good way to purify it. As we see here in this video, one does not need a religion or rituals to achieve that.

Very simple, yet profoundly divine.