CarWash for HUNGRY in Haiti

Haiti has been swept by Three major hurricanes in less than one month. This has caused tremendous suffering to the poor in Haiti. Their farmland, houses, livestock and even little ones were all swept away with the flood water. For those who survived, the long wait and suffering was just beginning. Many are reduced to eating clay cookies to subside the pangs of hunger. It is a very sad situation!

Hurricane Aftermath

Hurricane Aftermath

It chokes my conscious to think how the $40 that I would have spent in a pub on booze or the $20 that I would have spent on a movie and the $50 that I might have spend on a Halloween costume could alternatively be used to relieve so many people from the extreme agony of hunger.

So I request all of you to come and join hands in raising some money for the hungry in Haiti by participating in a Car Wash event. All proceeds will be forwarded to FoodForThePoor.Org, which is an International organization working intensively in Haiti to solve the current crisis.

If you feel strongly about helping those who are in dire need, you are most welcome to come and wash cars with me and raise some money for the poor. Or if you want to support the poor and need a car wash, you are welcome as well. It’s an open ended invitation to all. If you have supplies that can be used in the car wash event, and you would like to help, place call me or email me and let me know.

Here is the details of the place and time:

PLACE: Drunken Monkey, 444 N. Bumby Ave., Orlando, FL 32803.

TIME: Sat. Nov. 1st, 2008.    10AM to 5PM

Link to Food For The Poor, Inc.

Link on my Facebook as an event. If you are on facebook, please cascade and invite your friends. Its an open invite.

Thank You!

My contact: Amit Maskara, Cell# 407-242-1668


Thanks to all the people who made an effort to help feed the hungry and poor. I have sent a check of $220.00 to Food For the Poor, Inc.

Every $12 donated helps feed a family of 4 for a month. So even though we were short handed and could not achieve much, but for the 6 of us that were there, we can be happy that this little money will feed about 70 people for a month.

May God work through you all for a lot more days to come.