Obama backs net neutrality plan

Why is net neutrality important to average Joe?

In the USA, we already pay more for the internet, for the same amount of bandwidth, as compared to other developed, western countries. Our major service providers like Time Warner company, Verizon, argue against net neutrality, saying it is fair for companies that use more data to pay more. According to them, it will spur innovation and competition in the ISP industry.

But it is not about innovation or competition. It is all about $$. They want more of it. And if you are an average Joe, you will be on a slow lane, regardless of what you do. As there is going to be a new fast lane, for those who can afford it.

Here are some ways how throwing net neutrality out, will affect us.

  • Inferior service – if you can’t afford the premium for fast lane, you will be in the slow lane, and experience degraded service.
  • Higher cost – for those business, that can’t afford to be on a slow lane, as it will effect their business model, will have to pay more. As a result, the cost will trickle down to end users.
  • Technological divide – in demographics with low income, there will be no fast lane, hence they will be a technological divide, with richer communities having an advantage of fast lane.

There is already division in America today, based to political affiliation. Do we really want to have another reason, which deepens this divide?

In early 2014, an Appeals court struck down FCC rules that governs internet and ISP, tossing out net neutrality and ruling in favor of ISPs.

However, president Omaba has broken his silence on this matter and spoken against the ruling on November 10th 2014. Open internet access should be a basic right, that all Americans should enjoy, President Obama has said. So there is hope that FCC will treat ISPs and internet traffic, just like it does the telecom industry.

If you agree with net neutrality, tell your congressman that internet should be open and equal for all.

BBC News – Obama backs net neutrality plan.

Quiznos veggie subs more expensive than meat sub

How Quiznos is discriminating against vegetarians and demoting vegetarianism:
I used to be a regular at Quiznos, to grab a medium veggie sub. They have better quality bread when comparing with Subway.

But now I don’t feel like going there any more. Why? well they demote my spirit of vegetarianism by charging almost $7 for a medium veggie sub, while only $5 for a large meat sub. It feels like I am being stiffed for being a vegetarian. There is no way on Earth meat could be cheaper than vegetables. But Quiznos wants to compete with Subway, so they dropped their meat sub prices.

A healthy and responsible society should promote vegetarians to have a natural harmony with environment. If you are wondering what has nature to do with being a vegetarian. Well, a lot. The meat industry produces a 5th of all green house emissions. Forest is cleared to produce the fodder for the cattle and then there is methane. Methane is a by product of decaying cattle feces. Methane is 26 times more green house effective than carbon di oxide.

A veggie sub should never be more expensive than a meat sub, at least not in Florida. If I was living in South pole with the penguins, where the only option was meat, then it would make sense. I am boycotting Quiznos for their discriminating attitude towards vegetarians.

Mann mein Ram basale

This simple song/ prayer drenches my soul for love of Lord Ram Chandra – by Jagjit Singh.

I have read in Gita that God reciprocates your love in same way that you approach him. If you see God as your father, he will love you like his son, if you love God like a friend, he will love you like your best friend.. and here in this video, we see the little girl loving God like he was her brother and so he loves her and protects her like she was his little sister.

The video also teaches us another simple aspect of God and devotee relationship. To be able to summon God, one must have a heart as pure as a child’s and call God with all our heart. And lovin your Lord with all your heart is one good way to purify it. As we see here in this video, one does not need a religion or rituals to achieve that.

Very simple, yet profoundly divine.

Ethics of being vegetarian

Here are the reasons WHY, I have turned vegetarian. It is the least I can do for creatures, that my elders say- are all equal in the eyes of the creator.

Every action that we do by our own hands, or cause, has a reaction. I do not wish to be a part of the pain and suffering caused to millions of animals all over the world every day. I know I cannot do much to stop what I think is wrong, but I sure can change myself. I have full control over my choices and so do you.

  • Environmental impact – The meat industry is the second largest emitter of green house gasses. This is for two main reasons: First, farm animals produce a lot more methane gas per body weight when compared with humans. And as we know methane is about 20% more effective green house gas than CO2. And secondly, every six pounds of feed produces only 1 pound of meat. So more and more rain forest all around the world is being cleared to grow more corn and soy bean to feed all these animals. Live example is deforestation of Amazon rain forest in recent years for growing soy beans.
  • Ethical and moral reasoning – In the eyes of the Creator all living creatures are equal. Of course we like to assume that humans are special, more intelligent and the preferred species. Well, fine. I will agree. But isn’t it true that with greater power comes greater responsibility? Since we are the preferred and the smarter species, isn’t it our responsibility to take care of the rest of the creation. Treat other species with respect and give them the right to live and exist? I think so we do. But with the current trend of industrial farming and unbalanced growth, we are only thinking about ourselves and abusing all other species, the environment and the very place
  • Healthy choice – there is indisputable evidence that a vegetarian diet is more healthy for human body, compared with a diet filled with meat. Our digestive tracks is not meant for meat digestion and we do not have canines. You could argue by saying that that is why we cook it. But, when you cook the meat, you loose most of the protein and other amino acids in it. The amount of protein left in a cooked meat is comparable to what can be absorbed from beans.
  • And lastly I would like to bring to light that most of the greatest thinkers and minds of our age and the past were vegetarians. It is the state of being, which brings the mind in true state of compassion and closer to God. People like Gandhi, Einstein, Socrates, Leonardo Da Vinci, Plato, Pythagoras, Benjamin Franklin, Charles Darwin, Thomas Paine and many more, were all vegetarians or promoted vegetarianism. And I would like to end with a quotation from Thomas Paine, which I think summarizes my stand towards vegetarianism. “The moral duty of man consists of imitating the moral goodness and beneficence of God, manifested in the creation, toward all His creatures.”

Brutal hunt of seal pups

How low does a human being’s conscious has to drop before he becomes a beast. A beast that does not think of anything else but his own well being. To satisfy his sense gratification urge, he goes to the extent of brutally murdering few week old seals pups, that can’t even swim in their self defence. Only a beast who does not have the knowledge of wright or wrong can do such an act. Not humans.

I wish that people who buy products of this industry and fuel their hunting, could actually see how their baby seal fur coat is actually made. It is shame that we call ourselves humans and civilized society, for such barbaric act and utter loss of consciousness can only be the act of stone age homosapiens.

The Humane Society of the United States
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The story of STUFF is a good, educational documentary written by Annie Leonard and produced by Free Range Studios. It throws light on our ever increasing consumerist world and makes us think where this all is leading to? For you and I know that we are trashing this planet faster than what it can regenerate, and hense, either nature will have its balancing act OR we are gonna have to stop being a frog in a well. If we make just the right effort to look, we can see the larger picture. The illusion of media is very hard to overcome. If you are able to over come it your life will change forever. With it, ignorance is bliss but you can enjoy it for only so long.

Watch the whole video on their web site here.Your browser must have shokwave player installed to view the movie. If you don’t know what that is, you can visit adobe sight and download it here.

My Subconscious Mind

Recently in the past few months, I have had few dreams that if I told you, you will say it sounds like a series from a Global Warming paranoid TV production. I will let you imagine and come to conclusion once you have heard all four of them from me.

I was taught in my psychology class that dreams are a way by which our Brain de-fragments information and sorts them out to store them in appropriate places. i.e short term memory or long term memory. [Just like a computer hard drive de-fragments data] This is by the new standards and researches that are done on Dreams. Earlier researchers like Sigmund Freud suggested that dreams are fragments of our subconscious mind. While even earlier philosophy from the Hindu literary scripts and Vedas, dreams can be a communication channel for spirits, and different super natural energies to communicate with living on this world.

So in the past two months I have had these 4 dreams, which may be just fragments from my subconscious mind; may be my brain doing it’s routine defragmentation from all the discovery channel that I have watched or something else.

The first dream –

In the first dream, I saw brick size hail stones falling from the sky, right in the middle of the day. They were as big as brick and they fall from the sky with great force, destroying all things moving on ground. Especially cars- all cars that were on the road, in open car lots, and other open places are rendered useless. The force of the hail stone, or lets say hail brick more appropriately, was so high, that they sink into hood of the cars and shatter the engines, break wind shields and deploy air bags. It was like all cards on the road were exploding. I woke up anxiously thinking how was I supposed to get to work without my car?

Second Dream

The second dream I saw was about tornadoes. In this dream, I see tornadoes everywhere. Multiple tornadoes come and wipe out cities at a time. They bring intense wind, rain and come like large wide, dark pillars; wiping out every civilization signs on their way. Only concrete buildings, especially the small ones are able to survive. I did see survivors as I was one of them. But the weird thing about them was they come without warning. The similarity of this dream with the previous hail stone dream is that they both come without warning. I see no sign of bad weather in the dream prior to the incidents.

Third Dream –

This was a little weird one. They are all weird I guess, so let’s say this was more weird. In this I see that there is a sudden flood. Water just keeps rising. The weird thing was that I did not see rain in the dream. The flood just came without any heavy rain or anything like that. The water kept rising and people stated to climb this very high chain link fence. It was like a high security area fence or a soccer ball retaining fence. Like the one I used to have when I was a kid in my boarding school, up in the Himalayas. There we had soccer field cut out of the mountain. So we had to have high fence on the slope side of the field to prevent the ball from rolling down the hill, coz if it did, then we would have to go for a little excursion on ball hunt, and may take us hours before we could find the ball. anyways.. so I see hundreds of people clinging to the poles of this long, high fence. It was attached to some wall on one side, so people improvised some temporary shelter up there. Some part of the fence had standing planks attached to it, like the one you would find on under construction buildings. workers use it to stand on while welding, painting or what not. It was something like that. I could see that only the physically fit people had made it to the top. Fit, athletic black people mostly. May be this dream had something to do with the images of Hurricane Kathrina that I might have seen on TV. But Ihave never been there myself.

The Forth Dream –

This is last dream I have seen that seems to connect to the other three somehow. In this dream I was in my hometown flying kites; as I used to when I was a kid. Up on the concrete roof of my parents house. Unlike the homes here in the USA, the homes in India are made of bricks, cement blocks and concrete roofs. The stair cases go right up to the roof. Some people use the roof for gardening, drying clothes and other food item, and even sleeping in the open on some pleasant summer nights. I have childhood memories of doing such things in that house. Anyways.. so I was up on the roof flying kites or doing something, when I see a satellite kind of object fly by really fast. At first we thought that it was some kind of UFO flying by, but then we began to see more of these flying satellites. They were of different shapes and material. Some looked like inflated balloons of weird shapes, some were like giant disk antenna and some were almost like UFOs, flashing with fancy lights. They were flying across the sky straight but did not have a particular direction. It was unusual since no had seen satellites fly down in atmosphere where we could see them. So everyone was looking up at the sky. We realized that they were actually falling down on Earth after one giant disk came crashing down with a laud rumble. It created a vibration in the ground that shook the entire town. Everyone heard the rumble and the tremor that followed. Soon after that others began to fall down as well. We were all wondering why the satellites had lost the Geo synchronous orbit and came back to fall down on Earth?