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If you are living in Orlando or the Continental USA, the best way to contact me is my cell no. and I can be reached here any time. Or email me.

amitmaskara at gmail dot com


3 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. thank you very much. your help over the phone saved me alot of time and money. got us back up and running. Eddie and Melissa

  2. I have an attache 4gb flashdrive with about 2 years of work on it. Yesterday it was left in a computer at work, the computer was then powered down. The next day, I turned on the computer and went through the eject flashdrive procedure. I place the flashdrive into my lap top and received a yellow tranigle error message. The flashdrive gets very hot and will not sync with my lap top nor my home computer. Can you offer any advice?
    Thank You

  3. I got this one on CL for my computer service. I am based out of Boston MA by the way

    I appreciate your prompt response. Well, I hate to tell u that I ve been dealing with fake computer repairers on craigslist. And I hope u re an honest and trustworthy active client and willing to dedicate your time in handling the tasks on my computer(s) which are presently in Atlanta, Georgia. I ve got Intel Centrino, Toshiba, Dell and IBM Laptops(all in Pentium M) and the following TASKS are needed done on each laptops:- Formatting of the Hard Drive, Installing Win XP with Service Pack 3….Microsoft Office Package, AVG Virus Software (Free Lifetime Updates), Adobe Acrobat, cleaning of the keyboard, screen and other cases and also diagnostics of the entire systems after to check hard, cdrom, floppy, etc.

    You see I got the contract for this project and am sub contracting you to handle this for me because i also have other projects which I’m handling and this is why I intend hiring ur service and I hope I’m never gonna feel remorseful towards my actions this time….The Laptops are in Georgia and will be shipped over to you from there. Yu need not worry about the shipping of the laptops, I’m never asking u to pay for the shipping as I ve got a reliable moving company who always handle my merchandises. So they(moving company) ll be responsible for the shipment and also the pickups of the computers after the task is carried out by U. I ve got 10 computers up for this task as the moment and I want u to get back to me with the cost for fixing the problems on the computers. Also note that, I ve all the softwares with the licenses available with me for the task. So let me know how much U charge for the computers??