Run For Fun – One Mile!

Run for Fun is an organized, fun filled activity for kids.

The idea is to have kids spend less time indoors in front of screens, and more time outdoors. And to get them involved in real social activity, rather than online social sites. Younger kids can walk the park with their adults, while their older peers can run a mile in the beautiful Blue Jacket Park. Parents, please take the opportunity to have a family picnic at the end, so bring your own picnic blanket and refreshments.

Registration/Confirmation required to participate. We are requesting $10 contribution per family to cover the cost. This is not for profit. We can register maximum 50 kids for the run, which will be based on first come first join basis.

Group A: Run 4 A Mile
Kid Ages: 8- 14 yrs

Group B: Family Walk 4 Fun
Kids of all ages can take part in fun walk with their parents

Typically, everyone runs or walks the same distance and the event is not timed or scored. It’s an event for children of all levels and abilities and a great way to showcase and celebrate fitness goals and achievements.

Participating kids parents are requested to register their kids by November 15th, 2015. Every kid is a winner and registered kids get a certificate of completion for the sense of achievement. The fun Run/Walk will be followed by a picnic.

Date: Dec 5th 2015 – Saturday

Venue: Blue Jacket Park    2501 General Rees Ave, Orlando, FL 32814


Group A: 9:30 am

Group B: 10:00 am

(Participants are requested to be at site by 9 am to collect their registration number bibs)

Registration Process: Register using the form below.

Starts- October 15th, 2015
Ends- November 15th, 2015

You can conveniently pay for your child’s participation in this activity using PayPal link below. Or, bring cash on the day and venue. $10 per family. For PayPal payment, click on the button below. Contribution is not mandatory, as this is a not for profit event. Contribution is to cover the cost of the event only.