Quiznos veggie subs more expensive than meat sub

How Quiznos is discriminating against vegetarians and demoting vegetarianism:
I used to be a regular at Quiznos, to grab a medium veggie sub. They have better quality bread when comparing with Subway.

But now I don’t feel like going there any more. Why? well they demote my spirit of vegetarianism by charging almost $7 for a medium veggie sub, while only $5 for a large meat sub. It feels like I am being stiffed for being a vegetarian. There is no way on Earth meat could be cheaper than vegetables. But Quiznos wants to compete with Subway, so they dropped their meat sub prices.

A healthy and responsible society should promote vegetarians to have a natural harmony with environment. If you are wondering what has nature to do with being a vegetarian. Well, a lot. The meat industry produces a 5th of all green house emissions. Forest is cleared to produce the fodder for the cattle and then there is methane. Methane is a by product of decaying cattle feces. Methane is 26 times more green house effective than carbon di oxide.

A veggie sub should never be more expensive than a meat sub, at least not in Florida. If I was living in South pole with the penguins, where the only option was meat, then it would make sense. I am boycotting Quiznos for their discriminating attitude towards vegetarians.

4 thoughts on “Quiznos veggie subs more expensive than meat sub

  1. I discovered this yesterday! The only thing that kept me from throwing a fit in the store was the fact that I know the employees have nothing to do with it. And with the franchise setup, I’m not sure who to complain to.

  2. It’s outrageous, I know! I went to their corporate web site, and they do not have a customer feedback section? I am thinking of contacting BBB.

  3. Agreed – this is the single reason I’ve stopped going to Quizno’s. I told the manager of the store I go to that this is B/S and he started arguing with me that olives, cheese are expensive. Nonsense – anyone who has shopped at a supermarket knows the relative price of meat and veggies. I’m done with Quiznos.

  4. All said and done.
    Quiznos is no longer in business. They made good subs, but had a bad business model and their leaders were short sighted.
    Although I feel sorry for the people who worked for them, but their leaders led the company to failure. They were ignoring and angering a large section of their customers.