Google SMS

Did you know about Google SMS?
If your answer was NO, then don’t be embarrassed as I learned about this cool feature not very long ago.
The only thing is, you must be textually active to use this cool new feature. So here is how it works: you text a simple query to GOOGLE [466453] and it text’s you back with the result. No cost to you other than your text. I am not a big text person, but I think this is going to be useful for even a non textually active person like me. Suppose I am on the road and I need to find the number or address of a local business, or flight information, call Wallgreens to see if they are open etc. and I don’t have a smart phone with data plan, then this is a handy tool to use. Of course, even if you have a smartphone like a T-Mobile Blackberry Bold, you can still download it to your phone. Ok, I will shut up and let this video do the talking.