Ethics of being vegetarian

Here are the reasons WHY, I have turned vegetarian. It is the least I can do for creatures, that my elders say- are all equal in the eyes of the creator.

Every action that we do by our own hands, or cause, has a reaction. I do not wish to be a part of the pain and suffering caused to millions of animals all over the world every day. I know I cannot do much to stop what I think is wrong, but I sure can change myself. I have full control over my choices and so do you.

  • Environmental impact – The meat industry is the second largest emitter of green house gasses. This is for two main reasons: First, farm animals produce a lot more methane gas per body weight when compared with humans. And as we know methane is about 20% more effective green house gas than CO2. And secondly, every six pounds of feed produces only 1 pound of meat. So more and more rain forest all around the world is being cleared to grow more corn and soy bean to feed all these animals. Live example is deforestation of Amazon rain forest in recent years for growing soy beans.
  • Ethical and moral reasoning – In the eyes of the Creator all living creatures are equal. Of course we like to assume that humans are special, more intelligent and the preferred species. Well, fine. I will agree. But isn’t it true that with greater power comes greater responsibility? Since we are the preferred and the smarter species, isn’t it our responsibility to take care of the rest of the creation. Treat other species with respect and give them the right to live and exist? I think so we do. But with the current trend of industrial farming and unbalanced growth, we are only thinking about ourselves and abusing all other species, the environment and the very place
  • Healthy choice – there is indisputable evidence that a vegetarian diet is more healthy for human body, compared with a diet filled with meat. Our digestive tracks is not meant for meat digestion and we do not have canines. You could argue by saying that that is why we cook it. But, when you cook the meat, you loose most of the protein and other amino acids in it. The amount of protein left in a cooked meat is comparable to what can be absorbed from beans.
  • And lastly I would like to bring to light that most of the greatest thinkers and minds of our age and the past were vegetarians. It is the state of being, which brings the mind in true state of compassion and closer to God. People like Gandhi, Einstein, Socrates, Leonardo Da Vinci, Plato, Pythagoras, Benjamin Franklin, Charles Darwin, Thomas Paine and many more, were all vegetarians or promoted vegetarianism. And I would like to end with a quotation from Thomas Paine, which I think summarizes my stand towards vegetarianism. “The moral duty of man consists of imitating the moral goodness and beneficence of God, manifested in the creation, toward all His creatures.”