Lets talk TRASH

When are we humans going to STOP raping the Earth?? If you do have a conscience about this and want to start doing your share of “what we should have already done”, then start by – first calculating how much non biodegradable waste you generate in a week, then do a sanity check and see how much of this lands up in the ocean and land fills. Second, multiply the result by 54 weeks and think about it. It is an embarrassing and shameful situation. I will let the video do the talking..

Courtesy Ted.com

Here is what you can do:

  • STOP drinking bottled water. Get a large bottle delivered to you place instead of buying 24 packs.
  • STOP using plastic shopping bags. Do your grocery in few large reusable bags instead of using a dozen plastic bags each time. Most stores sell you reusable bags for under a $
  • Recycle the extra bags/ bottles etc. that somehow cling to you form somewhere
  • STOP getting your coffee/ soda in plastic disposable cups. Keep your coffee mug in your car, work, etc.
  • STOP getting your lunch in disposable boxes, especially at work where you can keep a lunch box/ container and ask the restaurant to pack your food in it.

If you just add all this up, you just reduced your plastic waste by 90%. Think about it. I have done it and we know we all should do it. Do it for your children, do it for the rivers, do it for the seas and above all, do it for our Mother Earth. PLEASE!!

Here is a good tip to get you started. If you live in Orlando, FL and want to recycle stuff like electronic waste, cardboard boxes [flattened of course], paper etc; but you live in an apartment or a place where recycling facility is not available, then you can collect your stuff and then drive to the main landfill in the area [end of Dean rd] where they have separate drop off bins for recycling. This a free service for Orlando residents and I encourage you to use it and recycle more.

Map for Orange county, FL, landfill and recycling facility:
Hrs of Operation: Mon – Sun [8:00 am to 5:00 pm]
Orange County Solid Waste Hotline 407-836-6601

View Orange County solid waste drop off in a larger map

Free Compost is also offered to all Orange County residents, provided they bring their own shovel and container. Residents may take up to one pickup truckload of compost free of charge. Compost can be picked up from landfill and transfer stations, Sun through Sat, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

A BBC reporter covers what is happening to Islands in the Pacific. A window to the biggest human made disaster of the future, evident from this video right now. An entire island of Hawaii is being converted into “Plastic Island” with particles of plastic that have photo degraded over the years and then washed to the beaches.