Windows could not connect to Printer – Access denied – Vista

Most of the pople who are buying new laptops or desktops with Win Vista preloaded and have a small home or office network with file and printer sharing, are very likely to run into this issue. I ran into it, and fould the solution on MS tech forum. It is most likely a bug, but people have found a way around it. So do it the way geeks do, till MS releases a fix for it.

Scenario – you have an existing home or office network with Win XP loaded on machines doing file and printer sharing. Basic workgroup environment. You purchased a new laptop or a desktop with Win Vista preloaded and bring it home and introduce it to the workgroup. [Assuming that you do everything right, you will be able to share files and folders, but not the printer] You will be able to see the printer in the network, but when you try to connect to it, you will very likely get an error saying “windows could not connect to the printer, access denied”.

Here is how to get it to work.

  1. On the new vista machine go to printers in control panel and add new pritner.
  2. select local pritner, instead of network/shared printer [don’t ask me why].
  3. create a new local port and give it the network name. i.e. if the name of your host computer that has the printer hooked up to it is JacksPC and the shared name of the printer is Brother4150, then the network name for this shared resource is \\JacksPC\Brother4150 click next.
  4. Click next and install the drivers for Vista, by selecting have disk. [assuming that you have downloaded the drivers of the printer for Vista.] and it should work.