To Tune your Computer

  • If you are using Windows Xp here are Two main steps you should do every month-
    1. 1. Go to My Computer;
      2. right click C OR your System drive ->
      3. Select Properties ->
      4. Select Tools tab ->
      5. Select Check Disk.
      6. On the new window that pops up, select both the square check boxes. when you click OK it will give you a warning box. Select “YES” and then restart your system. When your system restarts, it will begin Scan disk and may take some time depending on your drive condition and its size

  • To Defragment you system:
    1. 1. Follow steps 1 through 4 as above.
      2. Select Defragment and then select start

  • To Empty your temp folder on Win XP machine:
    1. 1. Repeact steps 1 from above and double click your C or system drive.
      2. If a blue window tells you “These files are hidden” then click “show these files” -last line of the same blue screen
      3. Double click Documents and setting folder
      4. Double click “your user name” folder. If will appear as what ever name you assigned your account to.
      5. From the Menu bar on the top, click on “tools” Select Folder options.
      6. On the new window that popped up select the View tab
      7. On the Hide Files and Folders option, select the radio button that says “Show hidden files and folders.” and then OK
      8. Now you will be able to see another folder called Local Settings. Double click that.
      9. Double click Temp folder and delete all it’s content.
      10. You also have another Temp folder in Windows folder that stores other temperory stuff. To access that follow these steps:
        Repeat steps 1, 2 and then double click Windows folder. Click on the Show These Files if it These Files are Hidden.
        Locate and Double click the Temp folder and delete the unwanted stuff.

  • To empty temp internet files and cookies:
    1. Open Internet explorer and from the menu bar select the tools tab and select Internet Options
      In the new window that popped up, select “delete” under Browser history option.
      You can click the Settings button after you are done, to limit the amount of disk space you want to assign to temperory internet files and cookies.
      You can also go the advance tab in that window.. the last tab- to empty temp internet files automatically, each times the browser is closed.
        Under advance tab, locate the square check box that says “Empty temperory Internet files each time the browser is closed

    There are other ways of doing it.. and instructions may vary according to the version of windows and browser that you are using