Technical Preview – Microsoft Windows 10

Once upon a time, long long ago, there was an OS called Win XP. It was very famous and enjoyed a lot of popularity among the masses. It enjoyed 80% market share. But time and tide, stays for no man, I mean no OS. Then came Win Vista, quickly followed by Win 7, as Vista was a disaster. Win 7 was much better than Vista or XP, but its manufacturer wanted more from an OS. They wanted it on the phones, tablets, notebooks and even on their gaming boxes, so they came up with Win 8. It was a total disaster, and people hated it even more than Vista. It had big buttons, it was clunky and it did not even have a start menu. What was MS thinking?? So the manufacturer MS, worked hard and came up with Win 9, which did not see the day light. They worked even harder and finally came up with Win 10.

Win 10 will be released early in 2015 and MS is doing a lot of beta trial with it, to get opinion of the masses and listed to them. It has the start menu back, so that if you are using the OS on a desktop without a touch screen, you actually don’t have to get a third party start menu.

MS is encouraging tech community to download it and provide feedback. It has already seen more than a million download. So if you want to download it yourself and take a look, go right ahead.